Slade Gibson has played guitar with Savage Garden, composed music for Steve Irwin and is the audio producer and composer for the Gold Walkley-winning and international number one investigative podcast, The Teacher's Pet.



Like any artist, musicians each have a distinct style that reflects their personal influences and experiences. It’s all about making the connection.

Understanding, embracing and reflecting people’s vastly different moods, mindsets and motivations. Whether it’s a stirring track for an ad, or a booming score for film and television, before I set foot in my studio, I put myself in my audience’s shoes. They could belong to teenagers or baby-boomers, or anywhere in between. Over the years, I’ve developed both the musical knowledge and life experience to embrace a wide variety of musical genres and human emotions. So I’m just as comfortable directing giggling kids as I am working with first-call session musicians. Whenever possible, I look at life through other people’s eyes. Only then can you create tracks that reach their ears and touch their hearts.

To me, there’s nothing more rewarding. That’s what true musical harmony is all about.

Services include bespoke music composition, voice over recording, sound design and audio post production for TV,  documentaries, radio and online.