With a name like Slade Gibson, there's no surprises that i became
a musician.

Having my big brother playing the drums didn't hurt, either. A 24-hour jamming and songwriting partner meant I was grabbing a pick and getting blisters on my fingertips from an early age. As teenagers, our extended jams became more focused in order to play the local clubs. Dodging beer bottles during late night sets was a dose of reality as well as an education in live performance. And it ended up taking us right around the world, touring and recording as members of international chart-toppers Savage Garden.

Working with acts as diverse as rock band Lavish, folk-pop songstress Mishelle Bradford Jones and house music trailblazers Junkbeats gave me a broad appreciation of musical styles and techniques. So when it was time to swap the stage for the studio,
I decided to put all that experience to good use, through commercial music composition.

Since opening the studio, I've created distinctive, memorable tracks for every conceivable type of brand. Household names like VISA, Accor, Sealy, Kooga, Santos and Kelloggs. On the long form side, I've also crafted music for a number of
The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's hugely successful TV series as featured on Discovery's Animal Planet, as well as music and audio production for SPECTRUM Season 2 (Phantasos Media), the pay-per-view motocross and sports documentary series.

It turns out you don't need to go on tour to have your music heard.